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Your child’s health and wellness depend on a number of individual factors, and you play a crucial role in all of them. Your pediatrician at Thousand Oaks Pediatrics focuses on helping your child maintain optimal whole-body wellness with your help. Book your well-child visit at the Newbury Park, California, practice using the online tool or call to speak with a team member.

Health and Wellness Q & A

When do I need to schedule well-child visits?

Your child's first well-child visit should happen at just 2-5 days old. After that, visits occur in monthly, bi-monthly, tri-monthly, or bi-yearly intervals until 30 months, and then are yearly starting from age three.

Well-child visits aren't the only time that you'll ever need to see the pediatrician, though. If your child has any type of sudden illness or if they're just not feeling like themselves, call your child's Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor to get help immediately. Same-day appointments are available.

What happens during well-child visits?

Well-child visits focus on your child's overall well-being, both physical and mental. They include:

  • Review of your child's medical history
  • Discussion of any current issues or concerns
  • Prescreening for common childhood conditions and illnesses
  • Evaluation of your child's growth
  • Audio-visual screenings
  • Personalized health and wellness recommendations for your child

Keeping up a regular schedule of childhood wellness visits is the best thing for your child's long-term health and wellness.

What can I do to help my child enjoy better health?

There are many different things that you can do at home to help your child enjoy the best health possible. First, focus on eating healthy from an early age. If your child never grows accustomed to eating lots of sugar and junk food, you'll reduce their risk of childhood obesity and may also lower their risk of diseases like diabetes later in life.

Another way to help your child enjoy the best health is to make physical activity a priority. Even if your child isn't athletically inclined, you can make time for family walks or other outdoor activities together.

Maintain a close relationship with your child's teachers in school. Often, teachers are the first to notice learning problems or behavioral issues, and if your child's teacher shares these types of concerns with you, it's easier to handle problems early. For example, your child’s teacher may notice hyperactive behavior or impulsivity in school. In cases like this, your child’s pediatrician may recommend an ADD/ADHD evaluation. An evaluation takes all aspects of your child’s health and wellness into account, and a diagnosis is only made after extensive evaluation.

Your child's Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor is here to help your child enjoy the best health and wellness, now and for their entire childhood. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone now.