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Obesity Consultation Specialist

Thousand Oaks Pediatrics

Pediatric Clinic located in Newbury Park, CA

The food temptations for today’s children are far more prevalent than they were even just a few decades ago, and this means that childhood obesity is more common than it’s ever been. At Thousand Oaks Pediatrics, the pediatric care team understand that an obesity consultation for your child is a sensitive issue. They always strive to make you and your child feel comfortable and supported during the one-on-one consultations. Get in touch to get compassionate help at the Newbury Park, California, practice via the online tool or call today.

Obesity Consultation Q & A

Is my child obese?

To determine if your child is overweight or obese, it’s important to schedule an obesity consultation at Thousand Oaks Pediatrics. The caring team works hard to create a supportive, nonjudgmental, and very kid-friendly environment that both children and parents can feel comfortable in.

Obesity is about more than just body weight and body mass index (BMI). Your Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor takes all aspects of your child's health into consideration, including genetics, activity level, current diet, and everything that makes your child unique. If your child needs weight management, your Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor is here to help.

What dietary changes should I make if my child needs to lose weight?

Weight management may look different for every child since each child's needs are unique. Your child's Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor helps you implement a customized weight-management program that the whole family can live with. Some common changes include:

  • Making lower-calorie versions of your child's favorite dishes
  • Keeping only healthy and low-calorie snacks at home to avoid the temptation
  • Giving your child water as their main beverage
  • Avoiding sugar whenever possible

If possible, pack your child’s lunch, focusing on filling protein-rich calories like lean meats. A packed lunch can be considerably healthier than what the school offers, and this can really make a difference in your child’s health and may help decrease their weight.

Your child's pediatrician can give you a number of customized tips to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

What about exercise and lifestyle changes?

During your obesity consultation at Thousand Oaks Pediatrics, your child’s doctor discusses your child's activity level and leisure-time activities. Making changes to the family's approach to exercise and leisure can greatly help your child with weight management.

Your child's pediatrician may recommend activity changes. For example, having a family walk after dinner each night, participating in a sports team for fun, or even small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator routinely.

Worried about your child's weight? Book an obesity consultation through the online tool or call Thousand Oaks Pediatrics now for help.