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Sports Physical Specialist

Thousand Oaks Pediatrics

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Before your child can play a team sport or participate in school sports activities, they’ll likely need a sports physical to verify their health. Thousand Oaks Pediatrics offers sports physicals that include a complete and thorough exam, blood pressure monitoring, and a discussion about safety. Use the online appointment maker to schedule now or call the Newbury Park, California, office to arrange your child’s sports physical.

Sports Physical Q & A

When does my child need to have a sports physical?

Your child should have a sports physical before they participate in a school or out-of-school sport. Most schools and independent sports organizations require children to have a sports physical before they're allowed to participate in any practice, training, game, or match.

Many kids have a sports physical sometime in the spring in preparation for sports during the school year. Check with your child's school or sports organization regarding the specific deadline for sports physicals.

What does the pediatrician do during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, your child's Thousand Oaks Pediatrics doctor checks on your child's growth, looks for injuries, tests overall wellness and body function, monitors blood pressure, and does a vision test. The pediatrician compares the results of the sports physical with your child's medical history and family medical history as well.

Another important part of sports physicals at Thousand Oaks Pediatrics is a safety discussion. Your child's pediatrician discusses important safety tips with them, for example, wearing a helmet or mouthguard, and explains why following those tips is so important.

Although a sports physical is a complete and thorough exam, it's important to realize that it's focused on sports participation and isn't a substitute for well-child visits.

What should my child do to prepare for their sports physical?

Have your child dress comfortably in clothes that allow free movement. If your child has any special safety equipment, bring it along to the sports physical so the pediatrician can make sure it's adequate for protection.

How long will the appointment take?

Sports physicals usually take only around half an hour to an hour, but plan for a little extra time in case your child's pediatrician discovers a health concern that warrants closer attention or further testing before they can issue a clearance to play sports.

How do I get my child's sports clearance?

The sports clearance, which is basically just medical clearance to participate in sports, is available when you check out after your child's sports physical.

To schedule your child's sports physical at Thousand Oaks Pediatrics, use the easy online booking tool or call today.